Companies around Australia have been partnering with Chozen Human Resources since 2011, trusting us to identify, recruit and place elite talent. Our pricing is fair and respectable at 6% which represents a significantly reduced fee compared to traditional recruitment agencies. We are a generalist agency who can provide a diverse range of exceptional talent for each individual search and we fully understand that no two searches are ever the same.

Chozen’s expansive candidate database which has recently increased in size due the recent onboard of a manager who had owned prior agencies, coupled with extremely experienced recruiters that genuinely understand the meaning of executive search, consistently ensure a high level of satisfaction for both our candidates and clients.

Our pricing structure releases us from generic recruitment practices. By turning the general recruitment model on its head, we intrinsically onboard more personable and knowledgeable consultants and resourcers opposed to KPI focused salespeople, in turn providing a highly consultative experience for all involved.

What does this mean for our clients?

Ultimately our clients become the beneficiary of our fairly priced fee structure whereby behind the scenes the extra consultative work that is placed into each role will be immediately evident. Most importantly we enjoy a very low replacement percentage rate due to the comprehensiveness of our recruitment process. You will be rewarded with a fantastic addition to your team knowing that your consultant has been afforded the time to scour the market and our databases and present applicants in a coordinated yet timely manner.

Chozen provides a full 360-degree recruitment service with no loss of quality or service at 6%. This includes our 3-month replacement guarantee period with no upfront costs or charges until a successful candidate has been onboarded.

Industries We Cover

  • Sales, Marketing and Customer Care
  • Administration and Office Support
  • Accounting & Finance
  • I.T
  • Technical Trades and Services