Companies have enquired as to how we can recruit at 6%, provide an exceptional 360-degree recruitment service and still be profitable. Chozen’s main form of marketing is email campaigns and when we do make business development calls we enjoy a significantly higher conversion rate due to our fee. Chozen has flipped the original, out-dated recruitment model on its head. Instead of placing 1-2 candidates per month at 14%, our account managers and consultants place 4-5 candidates per month at 6%. How? We achieve this by affording our staff the time to do what they should be doing on a daily basis, which is canvassing, recruiting and head hunting. Most recruitment models see their consultants and even account managers spending countless hours cold calling every day therefore significantly reducing candidate canvassing time.

Chozen Human Resources offers a flat, 6% fee. A significant advantage of our fee is that we are able to be more flexible, time rich and ultimately effective. The extra time allows us to gain a true understanding of our clients’ culture and requirements of the open position as well as the competitive landscape within each industry and the current market.

With detailed input from our clients, our experienced account managers, consultants and resourcers lead the entire search process from initial client needs analysis and custom candidate search, through to the evaluation, interview, compensation and on-boarding.

We also have the benefit of a significantly higher than average client retention rate, this coupled with many referrals and more account managers than BDM’s translates into a modern, client centric agency which ultimately translates into the ideal candidate for your organisation.

Our Promise

  • We will treat all information you provide to us with the upmost confidentiality
  • Be open, honest and transparent in our dealings with you
  • Take the time to listen to and fully understand the specific requirements of your organisation
  • Provide clear timelines and deadlines in all we do for you
  • Be upfront about what we can and cannot do for you
  • Take quality time to select applicants that match the unique requirement of each position
  • Provide honest and complete feedback at each point throughout the recruitment process